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1 7/8" Eyelet End CAT 247B3, 257B3, ASV RT 30, 60 HYDRAULIC TRACK ADJUSTER

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Part Number:#HC6
***Depending upon the production run of your Machine, some Cylinders may have different sizing
Verify your Adjuster before buying.

At the Bottom Eyelet End - The width of this cylinder Part #HC6 is 1 7/8" approximately
If you need the 1 1/2" width size, order Part #HC7's

You can modify or cut down the end as needed. The part will be non-refundable if done so.

This Cylinder Fits:

CAT 247B3, 257B3

DOES NOT FIT CAT 247B2, 257B2. That is Part #HC7


Tighten rubber tracks quickly in the field or shop using a simple grease gun. 
End user no longer has to adjust rusted, old jack screws with wrenches and torches. 
When tension needs to be released, simply unscrew the grease fitting and allow grease to flow out as needed. 

Use the same bolts that are on the jack screw. Does not ship with bolts.
***Check Out New You Tube Video For Installation***