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ASV / TEREX SR/PT/RT 75,80, 100G, 110, 120, 265 DRILL TEMPLATE 20" TRACKS

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Part Number:#DT4
Drill Template for #LL1 Lugs on 20" Tracks 

FITS:  ASV / TEREX SR / PT / RT 75, 80, 100G, 110, 120F, R265T

Reuseable steel template allows for quick installation of the lugs. 
Holes are pre-drilled into the template so the end user does not have to measure out each hole in the track to match the new lug. 

After grinding down any remaining rubber on the underside of the track, place the template on the top side of the track where the new lug will be installed underneath. 

Using an 1/2" drill bit, drill into the each hole of the template all the way through the track and reverse the bit back out.

***Check Out New You Tube Video For Installation***

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