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CAT 247, 247B, 257, 257B, 247B2, 257B2, 247B3, 257B3, 257D ASV TEREX RC 50,60,70,160,190,70 "COMPOSITE" Outer Tube

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Part Number:#PTCSOSS562

Composite Outer Sleeve Tubes for the Drive Cage

CAT 247, 247B, 257, 257B, 247B2, 257B2, 247B3, 257B3, 257D
ASV and TEREX RC / PT, RT, 50, 60, R160T, R190T, VT70

This Drive cage roller system is a three piece set up consisting of a bolt, inner and outer steel sleeve tubes.

OEM design is for Steel Outer and Steel Inner Tubes. (Bair also sells both of these parts)
The problem with this design is that the friction between both steel parts wear them out equally numerous times and is a known issue and problem.

Bair offers an optional Outer Composite Tube that slides over the Steel Inner tube.
The composite outer tube does not have the friction that the outer steel tube causes against the inner steel tube.
This will give the inner steel tube more life. When the composite outer tube wears out, 
replace the tube until the inner tube is ready to be replaced.

***This is a wear part item and meant to wear out. No Warranty will be given on the wear of the item and there is no guarantee on the amount of hours the 
tubes will last.   This item is strongly demanded by customers and that is why we have brought it back.

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