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CAT 287, 287B ASV 85, 100, RCV Hydraulic Track Install & Removal Kit

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Hydraulic Rubber Track Install & Removal Kit 


CAT 287, 287B

ASV RC 85, 100, RCV


Stop spending time and frustration trying to Remove and Install Rubber Tracks.

With the use of a hydraulic cylinder (included in kit), This Kit will perform three functions:
-Pull the Drive Cage Forward
-Assist in holding the track's position against the idler wheel as it is moved over the Idler Wheels
-Push the Drive Cage Back into Place
Works with a standard grease gun or any type of Porta Power (not included in kit).  
Complete Kit comes with instructions and all parts needed - Excludes grease gun or porta power

***These undercarriages are known to freeze up, rust or get hung up or bent over time. The purpose of this kit when putting tracks back into place is to assist and hold the track in position.
The cylinder will not stretch tracks out and move undercarriage parts on their own.  If something is caught or hung up, you will still need the assistance of other tools such as pry bars, 
sledge hammers and lubrication to move these heavy parts in and out of place.
If you see a part bending, STOP! Something is caught or or not detached or you will need to try other methods to pry or push the tracks into place. No warranty on bent products from force.

Check Out The Full Installation Video on YouTube!