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Greaseable Outer Bearing Group CAT 247, 247B, 257, 257B B2, B3, D, 267,277,287 B ASV 50,60,160,190,70,RCV,85, 100,4810,4520 RCV

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Part Number:#CAR5000

Greaseable Bearing Sprocket Group

CAT 247, 257, B B2, B3, D, 267, 277, 287 & B
ASV/TEREX RC/PT 50, 60, R160T, R190T, VT 70, 85, 100, RCV, 4810, 4520

Includes: Steel Flange Unit, Bearing, seal, seal cover, snap rings and outer dust cap

This is the updated carrier part and replaces the discontinued factory carrier. 
See drawing pictures for reference. 
The OEM Manufacturer removed the back flange plate next to the sprocket base.

Factory bearing sprocket groups have an unknown life span since there is no way to add lubrication to the bearing.  
When the bearing fails, it will destroy the bearing and possibly the stub shaft on the drive.

Bair's Greaseable carrier has a grease fitting installed on the back side of the flange and is cross bored to let grease enter the bearing.  
It also has Bair's purgeable seal. Grease can be pumped until it purges out of the seal.  
This allows any contaminants that may have found their way into the bearing to be pushed out as new grease enters, extending the life of the bearing.

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