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#LL1 - Standard Larry Lug
#LL1 - Standard Larry Lug

OUTER LUG Part #OL CAT 277C / 287C / 297C & D / TEREX 75/80/100/110/120/265/220/350

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Part Number:#OL2

OUTER LUGS - Smaller Sized Lug located at the outside of the Track


CAT 267C, 267D, 277C, 277D, 287C, 287D
ASV 75 / 120F / SR80
TEREX 80 / 100G / 110 / R265T / TSL220 / 350T

Does Not Fit - RC & PT 30 / 35 / R070 ASV / Terex Machines / That is Part #LL30

**Lugs are sold individually and includes the bolts/washers.

Revolutionary, Rubber Track Drive Lugs that replace broken, worn out, torn off and delaminated rubber drive lugs on non-metal core rubber tracked machines and small compact loaders.

Each lug comes with 2 qty 3" inch button head bolts and washers. Lugs are counter sunk into the rubber and will not scratch concrete or asphalt. 
Lugs can be installed in the field or shop in ten minutes or less without removing the track.

If numerous lugs are being installed at one time, the track can be removed for faster installation. 
Install instructions are included in every order or Watch the You Tube Installation Video. 

Quicken your install time with Reuseable Accessories -

Steel Drill Template - The template has the holes already measured out to match each lug and saves time from having to measure out the placement of lugs.

Carbide Grinding Wheel -Grind off remaining rubber with our sharp, Carbide Grinding wheel that fits a standard  4 1/2 grinder. 

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